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To kick-off 2012, here is a summary of the “80/20 principle” by a very successful CEO friend. The bottome line is to focus on the 20% of the activities that will produce 80% of the results!

  1. Find your “20% Surge” — the one thing that you can be THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT (that produces 80% of the results in your life). Then focus on it. Build a life around it — and delegate everything else.
  2. Focus on the “Vital Few” and ignore the “Trivial Many.” People, actions, thoughts, priorities, etc. Be rigorous and relentless: what really matters to your 20% Surge?
  3. A few key relationships are better than many “friends.” In our social media society, who gets to know people REALLY well? All you need for success is a few deep relationships built on TRUST and mutual RESPECT. Your wife, your business partners, your mastermind group, your key leaders, your children. That’s all the really matters.
  4. Get more with less. What is the single thing you do that produces the most results? For most of us in business, it’s about selecting the right partners and employees. That is job #1, #2, and #3 for me.
  5. You can have it ALL. Great life, Great job, Great career, Great family. Key: leverage your time, money, and energy.
  6. Emotional fortitude = #1 skill for 80/20 thinking. You must say no and have the courage to make tough choices. You must be capable of deep self reflection and analysis. What are your true talents?
  7. Above all else: Follow your PASSION. What do you LOVE doing? Figure it out, then DO IT. You can build a great life around ANY passion. You can only be the WORLD’S BEST if you have GREAT PASSION for your endeavor. None of the other motivations will get you there: money, glory, guilt, etc.

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