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The power of visualization


One of the techniques used by many top athletes, sales professionals and executives is visualization. This technique is nothing new so I am surprised that more people are not adopting it.

Visualization consists of seeing yourself completing the event (achieving success) or completing the actions that will get you there.  Are you looking to get the promotion that will give you the corner office? Visualize what you would like most about that job. Is it the splendid view of a lake or the greenery? If so imagine yourself standing in that office and taking a few minutes every day in that office to enjoy that beautiful view.  On the other hand, if what appeals to you is the nice salary that comes with the position, go ahead and imagine all of the things that you will now be able to afford. 

But to get to that corner office, will require some work. What is it? Do you have to sell X amount? Visualize yourself making successful sales presentation after successful presentation. Go through the steps of a successful sale presentation. Are you making a mistake as you’re making that presentation? Correct yourself.

A lot of data have been collected when it comes to the power of visualization. One of the best known experiments is one conducted by Alan Richardson with basketball players. The experiment consisted of 3 group of basketball players: a) one group was made to practice free throws every day for 20 days; b) the second group shot free throws on the first and 20th day only (no practice in between); c) the third group like the 2nd group did not practice but they were instructed to visualize making free throws. As expected, the group that did not practice at all did not have any improvement. However, the group that practiced visualization did as well as the group that practiced every day (24% in improvement of free throws for the group that practiced every day versus 23% for the group that used visualization technique).

Start with one goal that you are trying to achieve whether personal or business. Visualize what it looks like once you achieve success. Also, visualize being successful at completing the activities needed to get there. For example, if you are looking to lose weight, imagine fitting in that size 10 dress versus a size 14 visualize walking into the office, going to a conference or going to church and getting all the compliments about how you look. At the same time, visualize getting on that treadmill 5 days a week; running in the neighborhood; running a 5k or a marathon and being in the zone…

Do I practice visualization? You betcha. I have been doing it for years even before I realized that such concept existed and had been studied. I’ve been always pretty good at imagining stuff as a kid such as going all the way with my education and the pleasure that would come from receiving all kinds of accolades. Later in life, I became more and more disciplined by writing down what I wanted to visualize. First I started with writing what I wanted to visualize on sticky notes that would go in my wallet to now having them on my IPad.


(if intrigued, I suggest googling “visualization technique” ; there are also many articles and documents related to sports and visualization that can be found using Google Scholar).

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The Perseverance of Pierre Garcon

I have always been fascinated by the fact that players from other that the big college powerhouses are able to make it to the NFL. What’s more inspiring is when a player from a Division III (this would mean 0 appearance on national TV) makes it to the greatest sport league in the US.

Here is a blog entry by Georganne Hassell on a fellow Haitian-American Pierre-Garcon, the wide-receiver for the Indianapolis Colts.

January of 2010 was a momentous month in the world of football. A young Haitian-American set a new record in the AFC Championship game of catching 11 passes, boosting his team to victory. Pierre Garcon of the Indianapolis Colts did something else unexpected that day. He took his family’s native colors and paired them with the AFC Championship trophy to show his support for Haiti. Barely two weeks earlier Pierre, along with thousands of other Haitian-Americans was searching for family after a devastating earthquake hit the island. In the midst of the chaos Pierre kept strong and persevered–something he’s had to do his entire life.

The earthquake in Haiti wasn’t the only event to rock Pierre’s life out of balance. His father, Jules, died when he was only six years old, leaving his mother Marie to care for the family. Pierre says his intense work ethic is inspired by his mother who worked harvesting the fields by day and a shift in the postal service at night. As a college football player, Pierre had his own work cut out for him. He always had the dream of playing in the Superbowl, but rarely shared it at his Division III school of Mount Union. Despite the obstacles Pierre took whatever opportunity open to him to pursue his goal of being in the NFL. In 2008 he accomplished his goal when he was picked in the 6th round draft to play for the Colts. He spent his rookie NFL years learning from his teammates, and especially credits Peyton Manning for helping perfect his game. “I feel like he got better in his rookie year even though he wasn’t playing a lot,” said Manning. “He didn’t waste a year. When he was called upon in certain situations, he knew what to do.”

The same held true after the earthquake, when Pierre stepped right up to show his pride for Haiti and inspire others to help his parents’ homeland. Pierre said realizing his goals, whether its fundraising for Haiti or going to the Superbowl, were key to achieving success. “You don’t have to be from the biggest country,” he said. “You don’t have to be from the best place. You just have to work towards your goals and stay focused. Perseverance takes you a long way.”


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