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May 1, 2010 at 6:56 pm 2 comments

In an earlier post, I discussed how to use smart goals. In this post, I’d like to discuss a few techniques that I have used personally with goal setting. Some of these techniques might seem “whacky” but they work! Remember many people don’t reach their goals because they fail to plan and some of those who plan are not necessarily doing it the right way.  So to have a different outcome, let’s not be afraid to use different methods.

Here are 5 techniques that will help you reach your goals:

Technique 1: Limit yourself to no more than four goals in a 12-month period (Three is ideal). 

When you focus on too many goals, then it becomes too difficult to give any one of them the attention that they deserve. If the goals that you set are important to you, you should be able to say what these goals are even if someone woke you up at 3 a.m.. Of course, it’s much easier to memorize three  goals than it is to memorize 10 goals.

Technique 2: Write goals in the present or past tense and describe the benefits of achieving these goals.

This technique works because it helps your brain focus on the benefits of achieving. For example, instead of writing “I will reach $10M in sales by December,” I would write “By December, I reach $10M in sales.” Better yet is to write these goals in the past tense. For example, “By December, I have reached $10M in sales.”

Technique 3: Take time to visualize your goals. What does it mean for you to reach them?

In his book “Over the Top,” Zig Ziglar tells the story of an executive who wasn’t performing very well. His sales manager had a counseling session with him and told him that if he reached his sales goals, he would get a corner office. Getting that corner office was important to the salesman and became a great motivator. He started to see himself in that corner office with the nice view from his windows. In the end, he did reach his goals.

Do you want to get a promotion? What will it mean to you? Will you get a company car? Will you get a higher salary that will allow you to take a vacation or buy nicer clothes? Paint the pictures of these benefits in your mind as you strive to reach your goals. When I look at my goals, I always paint a picture of the benefits of reaching them.  For example, for a goal about losing weight, I imagine myself fitting in clothes that no longer fit or having increased energy.

Technique 4: Write your goals everywhere you can see them

This is a famous technique that I learned from a sales manager. Write your goals everywhere you can see them such as your wallet or sticky notes that you can place on your mirror, your monitor or anywhere else you might get a chance to look at them.

Technique 5: Don’t just write SMART goals, write SMARTER goals!  That’s another post.

Have smart goals that you are Enthusiastic (or emotional) about and Review them often.

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  • 1. Raymond Delva  |  March 8, 2011 at 10:22 am

    That was an interesting post and I plan to use its advice. Most people forget or are not aware that the distance between their dreams and themselves is a simple self-motivation and determination. Don’t wait for pie in the sky when you never try to malke a simple pie on earth…

    Raymond Delva


  • 2. Nadir  |  May 25, 2011 at 8:52 am


    You are an inspiration, and I read all your postings, and this is what caught my attention: 1. Always pursue excellence as we never know if one little flaw or defect will not be cause for failure. HOW SO TRUE! One single word summarizes your whole sentence is ITHKAN (arabic)



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