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Dream versus Goal

Most people know how to dream. At a young age, kids start to dream and usually these dreams are positive. Kids dream to be teacher, doctors, policemen, firemen, school principals, politicians, actors, athletes or whatever profession they see as desirable. As an ad for said, no kid grows up wanting to be a junkie or a loser.

Now, if people start out with “good” dreams, then why don’t we end up with more achievers, more people able to fulfill their dreams? The reason is that there is a big gap between dream and success. So what can we do make our dreams become reality?

I believe the key is to first turn these dreams into goals.

A dream is simply a desire or a wish. It’s something, no matter how far-fetched it is, we’d like to have, whether it comes from heaven like manna, is delivered by a fairy godmother or we win in a lottery. On the other hand, a goal is a “dream” that we have decided to achieve and we know there is a “how” to make it become a reality. The next step is take action on the “how” to reach our goals.

Dreams that never become goals happen with very low probabilities. But with hard work, goals do become reality.

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